Welcome to Nanango Real Estate

Nanango Real Estate first opened its doors in 1975 and is the longest established real estate agency in Nanango, as well as the only independently owned and operated office in town. We feel that being a Real Estate salesperson in a small country town means you have constant contact with the buyers and sellers. When shopping at the supermarket we meet our buyers and seller are going through the next checkout. It means we do get to make good friends as we are able to remain in contact with our buyers who over the years have become repeat customers when they sell and repurchase. We are very community minded and are a part of many of the local committees in town. We can help those moving to an area to make friends by introductions into clubs etc.


Member of Real Estates Largest Network - IRENE

Our network gives easy access to tools to attain premium prices for our valued clients

Networking with 1,000s of salespeople

Specific workshops to attain premium prices

Personalised Sales & Marketing

Dedicated networking website

Open home/Private Inspections

Huge buyer and tenant Database

Market Comparisons/Pricing Advice

State of the art technologies and systems

We are available 7 days.

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