Denise and Merv R
Denise and Merv R have rented through this agency for some years and they are just the type of tenant we love. Easy to get on with, neat and tidy and they look after the property as their home. They are valued clients of our firm.

If you are looking to rent through this firm you need to supply references that are able to be authenticated. If you are on a bad tenant data base please notify us prior to making application so that we may discuss this matter with you. If you have pets these animals need to be registered with the local authority and there are rules and regulations you need to comply with. Please ensure you are aware of these. If you are looking to rent on acreage are you aware that most acreage property is on rainwater and you need to be water concious as you are not connected to a town supply. If you have animals you need to ensure the fences are suitable to keep the animals from straying as costs arising from animals impounded can be considerable.

Jeff & Judy M
Jeff & Judy M who recently purchased their property from Nanango Real Estate sit and discuss their purchase with salesperson Marie Madigan. We enjoyed our experience dealing with Nanango Real Estate and would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy with the minimum of fuss. We felt comfortable from the moment we started looking with Marie and she was very professional and not at all pushy. We are very happy with our purchase.