Services we Provide

With growing consumer protection there is a need to be versed in the increasing number of Acts of Parliament that now regulate the Real Estate industry and greatly influence the legal requirements of Property Management. Our services and procedures are implemented to provide you with full compliance of the various Acts. Hence why a specialist agency is required to protect you as the consumer and allow the agency to be able to operate effectively.

We ensure that regular inspections are carried out and landlords are advised of maintenance required and improvements needed. We endeavor to obtain tenants of a standard the property dictates. Having knowledge of the local community gives us an insight into local prospective tenants and that along with life experience and a thorough investigation of references gives us the best chance of weeding out the bad from the good. We are proud of our reputation of being difficult to obtain rental property from unless tenants have a good rent history.

We deal with only the highest standard of tradesman and believe they give us value for money, prompt and efficient service when problems arise. With a large rent roll such as ours they appreciate the need to ensure our clients are a priority on their work list. Should there be any problems they are happy to contact owners direct and discuss the different options. We also use the service of a handy man who is excellent on those odd jobs that arise.

We normally disburse funds monthly and can disburse mid monthly if required, a detailed statement is emailed or posted with the payment. We have provision for tenants to pay via direct debit, CPay or for those who preferred the good old face to face dealing rent can pay direct to our office. We are very diligent when tenants rent and should they get a little tardy with payments we contact them immediately to check on why.

Our main objectives are to:
Source quality tenants for your investment in an effective time.
Obtain the highest achievable market rents for your property.
Ensure the continual professional appearance and reputation of the development
Keep you informed of your investment's performance
Commence marketing your property to prospective tenants as soon as notices are received.
Post listing procedures (i.e. inspections, landlord protection etc)
Tenant placement (i.e. screening, references, approval etc)

Maintaining the property and records:-
PAMD Form 22. Appointment to Act as Real Estate Agent.
Tenant Application
Lease Agreement (Tenant)
Copy of Bond Lodgment
Property Condition Report
Take photographs of property,.
All correspondence between landlord and tenant
Breach Notices (if necessary)
Notice of Termination (if necessary)
All Contractor Orders
Invoices paid
Regular inspections
Financial reporting
Provide Owner/Tenant Contact
Offer Urgent/Emergency contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E-mail/fax/general mail service is available. We can send all reports via E-mail from monthly statement to inspection reports. Maintenance photos can be e-mailed indicating necessary repairs.

Local landlords who require a standard meeting with us may call and we will attend in person.
Distant landlords will be communicated with by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail or SMS.
Tenants may contact us at any time 24 hrs a day as per urgency.

Please do not ask that we discount our fees as we believe we offer an excellent service. I know landlords would not like us to compromise on the service we offer and we will not compromise on the fees. We can assure you that we do our best for you our client and we give excellent service for the cost we charge. We are fully aware of the financial investment in purchasing a rental property and of the value of you entrusting that property to our agency. We are also aware that Trust - Confidence is earned over time, I guarantee you will be surprised.